Centre of International and Strategic Relations In Lebanon

The Centre of International and Strategic Relations (CRIS) in Lebanon will be the first Lebanese Independent Centre for debate, meeting and research on international issues.

The CRIS, an independent Centre of International and Strategic Relations in the Middle East, will neither be submitted to any administrative supervision, nor affiliated to any political party. The Centre’s uniqueness will also consist in its action research activities.

The CRIS programmes will be consist in:

  1. The organisation of conferences and seminars on the Lebanese, Middle Eastern and International current events enriched by the contribution of CRIS, Lebanese and multidisciplinary International researchers.
  2. A future vision of Lebanon, the Middle East and International Relations. Identification of chief trends which will affect the future international system.
  3. The analysis of the implications of the international developments for Lebanese and International enterprises. The diversified programmes aim notably at highlighting the scope of decisions taken within the public and private sectors.

The CRIS, a centre of conferences and multidisciplinary research, will have at its disposal researchers and will rely on and use a vast network of Lebanese and international specialists. The Centre will contribute to the training of young researchers for an increasingly global new concept of international relations. The researchers will abide by ethical responsibility and objectivity. The CRIS will not be bound by individual position taking.

The CRIS, centre of meetings and debate, will favour a fruitful interaction among international and regional organisations, national and international public institutions, the private sector, national and international researchers and representatives of the civil society during exchanges of views with actors or qualified observers of the international scene.

The Centre will be a recognised public association. It will permit its members to participate in wide international debates.

The CRIS, the first independent Lebanese Think Tank, will play an important role in the Lebanese, Middle Eastern and International “intellectual diplomacy”.

Fields of research

The work of the Centre will cover the political/strategic evolution, notably relations in their diverse components; regional approaches (Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, Pacific and Caribbean); global strategies (world governance, resource management, environment, Lebanese and International Migration, etc.); the European construction; the Lebanese and International economies and the analysis of the dynamics of globalisation.

Researchers of CRIS

The CRIS will bring together permanent researchers dealing with diverse subjects. Such researchers with varied professional experience will participate actively in wide debates on important international themes.

CRIS Board Members in alphabetical order:

·Achkar, Roger
·Chehaitli, Ibtissam
·Faki, Lama
·Jaroudi, Kamal
·Kelekian, Lena
·Kosremelli, Sandra
·Leray, Rene
·Sarraf, Angela
·Taoutel, Christian
·Zeineddine, Tarek